Fotografiskt Uppdrag Halland

Photographic mission Halland

Photographic Mission Halland can actually be summarised in one sentence:
”What do you want the future to know about our time in this location?”
532 pupils in 29 classes from 11 schools had taken images of six different places in Halland.

Editor: Johan Dahnberg
Educator and image editor: Jerker Andersson
Selection and prepress: Jerker Andersson, Mattias Johansson,
Maria Bonde, John Dahnberg and Evelina Lindblom
Designed by: Björnbäret Design AB
Publisher: Hallands Konstmuseum
Publ. year: 2020
Text: Swedish and English
Translation: Great Little Britain
Illustrations: in color
Cover photo: © Ida Rundqvist
Pages: 94
Width x height: 180 x 110 mm
Weight: 132 g
Printed by: Printografen, Halmstad, Sweden
ISBN: 978-91-981007-6-1

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