Found Diary
32 Folded Finds

Do you want to get down and see what you can find on the ground, bringing you closer to the surface of the earth?

Found Diary is a serie of asphalt finds captured during smartphone hikes. A book from screen to print, for my workshops in photography.

© 2024 Jerker Andersson
First edition, 500 copies
ISBN 978-91-982143-5-2
Typeface Plain
Book design Johannes Molin
Edited by Jerker Andersson and Johannes Molin
Text English
Translation Maria Morris Translations
Publisher Self published, Jerker Anderssons Förlag
Pages 32
Illustrations in black and white
Format: Leporello fold out book, in two sections
Paper Munken Lynx Rough 170 g, Lessebo Colours 8086, Eska board
Prepress By Wind
Printed at By Wind, Sweden
Width x height: 135 mm x 205 mm
Weight 145 g

With financial support from
Swedish Authors’ Fund

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